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Size Guide

We encourage you to measure your dog before purchasing. We want you to have a pleasant experience upon receiving your KUVFUR product! 

Check out our size guide image below. It's easiest to use a soft tape measure to be able to get accurate measurements of your dog. Ensure you are measuring in inches.



How to measure your dog:

1. Start by measuring the back length of your dog (base of tail to base of neck). Refer to the size guide to see which size would best fit your dog based on their back length. This is the most important measurement. Once you've identified the size that would best fit your dog's back length, then complete the following measurements to ensure the size will fit your dog's entire body.

2. Measure the chest girth (about an 1 - 1.5" behind the dog-armpits). This is the second most important measurement because you want your dog to be able to move their arms comfortably. Based on the size that would best fit your dog's back length, ensure that their chest is equal to or less than the chest girth indicated on the size guide image.

3. Measure the neck girth. Similarly to the previous step, based on the length of your dog's back, ensure your dog's neck is equal to or less than the neck girth indicated on the size chart. 

Contact us! If you have any questions or concerns about sizing, we'd love to help answer your questions and assist your order.

If you'd like to purchase a size that isn't yet available, we'd greatly appreciate your feedback so that we can expand our size range in the future.

Please feel free to email us here.